Simply put, we sell businesses. But, en route to selling any business, we execute a number of critical tasks. Among others, these include:

Identify issues of concern. Once we understand your business, we will identify areas of concern that could diminish buyer interest.

Identify areas of opportunity. We will identify any areas of opportunity that— with a little extra effort—could potentially improve market value or expand buyer interest.

Profile buyers. We’ll profile prospective buyers by type and rank them by preference (against your defined priorities).

Secure valuation. There are different ways of estimating a businesses market value. We’ll discuss and evaluate the need for an independent valuation and, if necessary, help you select the right outside business appraiser.

Develop pricing strategy. Together, we’ll create a value range and a pricing strategy.

Develop marketing strategy. Considering our target buyer profiles, we’ll craft a marketing strategy to best communicate our business opportunity to prospective buyers.

Vet interested buyers. Interested parties don’t necessarily equate to good prospective buyers. We’ll vet those that are interested and present only the quality candidates for consideration

Manage due diligence. Reasonably savvy buyers will want to confirm that valuation assumptions are, in fact, true. We’ll facilitate this due diligence process.

Evaluate offers. We’ll help you understand and evaluate individual or competing offers.

Advise through closing. An agreement in principal is no guarantee a deal will close. We advise you through the negotiation process and deal closing.

We charge a fixed-percentage success fee for our services. But, as a high-touch boutique (rather than a high-volume mill), we’re willing to discuss variations that are fair and reasonable to both of us. In other words, we’re not averse to being creative or afraid to bet on our own abilities.

Should you hire an attorney to draft closing documents (which we advise you to do), an outside business appraiser (which we sometimes advise you to do), or other outside services, you will be responsible for these costs.

Occasionally, clients wish to hire us to perform other management consulting services. If the project is something we can manage proficiently, we’ll price and agree to these services separately.