Should you engage us, our single focus will be to maximize the value you receive from the sale of your business.

As value has different meaning to different people, our objective is to understand what you want to accomplish with your sale. For example, what’s more important, expediency or bottom-line price? How about payment terms? What concerns do you have for current employees? What risks are you willing to bear after the transaction? We know the questions, but only you have the answers, and your answers will impact the way we prepare, price, position and market your company.

Our process requires more thought, creativity and effort than simply posting a business listing and responding to inquiries. If that’s all you really need, you might consider doing it yourself (see helpful resources in our “Links” section).

Having worked for some of the most respected legal and financial institutions in the business (UBS, Swiss Bank, Montgomery Securities, Oppenheimer, Adams & Reese), we know what highly successful companies and business owners expect from their bankers. Our approach is to bring this same level of professionalism and sophistication to lower middle market business owners.

We’re not a good fit for every business owner and, likewise, not every business owner is a good fit for us. Reflecting our belief that concentrating resources on a select client base is a superior way to do business, we’re particular about the clients we represent. We’d rather have a smaller number of highly satisfied clients than an army of marginally satisfied clients.